K46 3rd single Individual PV review?

I should be proud to follow that group before their debut, too bad my previous writing was not here

As a recap, 1st individual PV told about their self-intro, how each girl represent themselves. Then, 2nd one is about their talent. There are some inconsistency though, as some girl returned to self-intro PV to expand or strengthen their image, while some quickly jumped into acting, perhaps seeing it’s their best talent to showcase.

In general, “Acting” is the keyword of their 3rd individual PV. Fitting, since this is the first PV after they all got acting workshop from Tokudare drama. So why not apply it now, right?

1. Ishimori Nijika:

-Got the message, but I feel as if she is progressively behind in character development. Remember that her first PV explicitly form her dog lover image. However, other than genki-ness, there’s not much continuation on her chara in the following PV. She is still unsure of herself, and in fact, this is the story of the PV.

2. Imaizumi Yui:

-Her first time challenging a drama PV. While it was lite, it’s a welcome addition after the self-intro PV in the 1st and showcasing of singing talent in the 2nd.

3. Uemura Rina:

-After the mess that is first PV(unmemorable except the Francoise-theme collision with Pon PV) , she recovered on the 2nd, showcasing her charm point in a lite drama. Now she goes on drama PV with story. Good act there, girl.

4. Ozeki Rika:

-Bizarre drama PV again, just like 1st and 2nd. This time is detective themed with Calligraphy add-on. Ozeki, the Variety idol image solidified. Maybe too solid, she will have trouble deviate from this?

5. Oda Nana:

-Japan and it’s randomness. It bear some similarity with her 1st PV + some act play, and of course, cliffhanger ending. It feel fresh though thanks to her 2nd PV breaking the pattern.

6. Koike Minami:

-NandeYanen? She jumped her image from fragile girl in 1st PV and Kansai fragile girl in 2nd. This is definitely not acting of fragile girl, well some Kansai-ben are still remain. Well played.

7. Kobayashi Yui:

-On second though, she has conflicted theme with Nijika. Now that’s 2. Scratch that, this multi-personality was also the theme in 2nd PV, just less. Gotta be careful next time, Pon. Lol-ed at ending credit and un-cut scene.

8. Saito Fuyuka

-Ever seen Tamiya anime on your childhood? Good, because it’s even more cringe than this PV. 3 of her PV strike me as her attempt to “Challenge new things”. Some left no impression (1st), some ended up failed-ly comedic(2nd), and this one, well, Tamiya-ish. Things may change if she is indeed a Tamiya-lover though.

9. Sato Shiori

-Anomaly as No acting PV. But no need as she is talented enough she got 2 of her PV to showcase her art skills. Her intro told a piece of her history as well to relate. Message delivered.

10. Shida Manaka

-Meanwhile, Shida is stuck within her cool image. Her first PV are probably the one showing herself the truest. And I don’t buy the following image branding of hers. She is still an explorer at heart, not martial artist nor the drummer shown there, not yet.

11. Sugai Yuuka

-Progress! Suddenly light romance drama, No horse, no ojou-sama theme. Pure acting. Welcome to red carpet, Sugai-sama!

12. Suzumoto Miyu

-Still within “Reaction” Theme, she deliver the PV well while stick to her chara and act accordingly. Commendable.

13. Nagasawa Nanako

-Finally her talent showcasing PV, I guess she is behind the others as not doing acting, and even using 2 of her PV showcasing her self-intro and stories. But, I’ll enjoy what I can get here.

14. Habu Mizuho

-I still can’t fathom her 2nd PV other than a resolution countdown PV. And with it, breaking the ties of 1st PV and this. I still regard romance acting as one of the hardest, if not the most, to pull it off very well. So props to her.

15. Harada Aoi

-Urusai! Kidding, youth force are strong with this one. Maybe a correct decision to showcase her youth as much as possible before it wears off. Her talent showcasing and acting PV can wait much longer, lol.

16. Hirate Yurina

-What was said on Aoi could apply to Techi as well, except the urusai part, and Techi actually utilize her PV “Differently”. I’ll leave it at that now.

17. Moriya Akane

-To tell the truth, she is renewing her chara. I mean, look at the contrast shown on her 1st PV. We all know how’s it been going now. And she already did acting in her 2nd PV. She did well on her own term.

18. Yonetani Nanami

-Same as Moriya. She already did lite acting in her 2nd PV. So expanding chara the way. Deep readings though.

19. Watanabe Rika

-This girl…never went comedy PV, always invite laugh. Oh well, she finally muster up courage to do monolog PV that others had done in their 1st/2nd PV. So kudos, and may she catches up with the rest.

20. Watanabe Risa

-Even in her supposed happiest scene, she still able to suppress it. Top notch acting there, or maybe it’s her nature. Her vocal however, makes her imperfect singer, and perfect GF, as was the previous PV shown.

21. Nagahama Neru

-She didn’t do any lesson song again. Instead, we got quite a complicated drama. She carries the story well, until the cliffhanger end. So yeah, milestone Neru.

22. Hiraganas

-Their first time experience a PV and like Kanji girls before, are supposed to create their self-intro idea. Good times.

Alright that was a lame review. What do you expect?



(Tyrant) Enclave Sealed Uncommon/Common Bestiary

Was testing my first serious blog, feel free to criticize.

Enclave tourney post-buff has different meta-cards and meta-game than when it’s pre-buff. This version will accustomed to post-buff one.


Trap Setter
1 attack and 4 wait with lame skill. 1/5

Actually a good glass cannon, capable to one-shot Xeno Interceptor while, when RNG allow, immobilize could help stalling the line. Just stay away from those rushy 1/0 turn one. 3/5